Dec 22, 2005

In which I become a worn out watering pot

We buried Grandma today. I was really doing quite well with the whole thing until the service started and then I turned into a gigantic watering pot. We had a vigil service first and I must say that I find the repetition of the rosary to be tremendously comforting. I decided at the last minute to write down what I could remember of my blog post about Grandma from last Friday and I got up and read it at the end of the funeral. I bawled the whole way through and barely got it out, but my darling husband was very nice and told me it was lovely and that I did fine. Then my wonderful mother spoke very calmly and eloquently about Grandma's life after Alzheimer's and how she was different, but she still enjoyed life and was still a lovely and loving person. After the interment, we went out to lunch and my cousin Jennifer and I had a lovely visit with Trudy, Grandma's best friend since high school. And now I'm left feeling completely wrung out and exhausted. Dave is downstairs wrapping presents and there is baking to do but I haven't got any gumption. Perhaps it would be better to take a nap and try again tomorrow?


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Caitlin O'Connor said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, hon.

Scrapmaker said...

So sorry Nikki. May you feel her presence through your loving memories and be comforted. Hugs, Jen