Dec 8, 2005

On the Injured Reserve List

I was going to post a picture of a dislocated shoulder to illustrate the reason why nothing much is happening around here this week, but when I did a google image search, the results were just too gruesome. Plus, the one website I looked at had all kinds of dire warnings about how you have to go to the doctor to have your dislocated shoulder properly reduced. These people have obviously never had a dislocated shoulder and don't understand that it hurts like $#%&^#$ and the only way to stop the pain is to reduce the damn thing and not sit around for 3 hours waiting for a doctor to do it. There was also a funny little bit about a "test" that doctors do to see if you have a chronic shoulder dislocation problem. They fake like they're going to dislocate your shoulder and if you exhibit fear then they believe you when you say that your shoulder is fond of popping out of the socket. Ha ha. Cute.

Well, that was a very longwinded way of saying that after ten years of good behavior, my right shoulder dislocated Tuesday night. I was in my car, reaching back at a funny angle, trying to put my backpack on the back seat. Yeah, I know. Having some experience with this phenomenon, I put it back myself after only a minute or two of panic. Oh yeah, I was parked when it happened so there wasn't any driving off the road or crashing or anything. Anyway, my shoulder hurts and I'm still "exhibiting fear" that it will slide right out again, so not much going on around here. Lucky for me I checked out a couple of books from the library Tuesday at lunch. Just in time for forced relaxation!


JulieZS said...

Oh Ouch! Thanks for sparing me the picture. Hope you get some good relaxation, that is sure to help you heal up.

Deb R said...

Yikes!!!! Hope you feel better soon. And did I mention Yikes?!?

solje said...

ouch, Nik! I am sure the cold weather doesn't help any, either. I hope Dave is being a good nurse to you :-)

BTw, I am also planning to start the exercises in _Color and Composition_ this weekend. Can't wait to see your stuff!