Jun 15, 2005

Stopping for a minute to catch my breath

Today was Day 3 at my new job and the first day of not feeling like a completely useless moron. There's a ton to learn...fortunately everyone is supernice and very patient with me.

I'm driving to this job instead of taking the bus like I did before. I realized today (as I drove to the bank at lunch) that I'm going to have to build walking back into my schedule or I will turn into a complete slug. The brighter side of driving is that I have the car and I noticed today (on the way to the bank) that there are some excellent looking places I could drive to during lunch. Like Spokane Art Supply. Hmmm.

We're a one car family, so we had to do some rearranging to make it work for me to have the car. Of course, this being the first week, there's been all kinds of extra, not-normal stuff we needed cars for and the nice little transportation plan we made got shot all to hell. Tomorrow somebody has to go pick AshLee up from camp and I can't even talk about how complicated all the driving around is going to be. Next week we will settle into a routine. Next week we'd BETTER settle into a routine.

Between new-job-brain-exhaustion and figuring-out-transportation exhaustion, only the bare minimum action required for survival is happening around here. I have a couple of little ziplock baggie handsewing projects I haul around and do some mindless stitching on at odd moments -- I get cranky if I go too long without doing something creative.

I did get a pattern for Sissy's dress. It's actually going to be a vest (which I think I can handle) and a skirt with a ruffle (which makes me nervous). Mom is going to help, bless her. I'm waiting for measurements and a moment when I'm not so tired.

I had an idea over the weekend for a small quilt collage to celebrate Ash's track season, but haven't had a chance to work on it since Sunday, when most of what I tried didn't work.

Oops, bedtime for Nikki. Better go before I turn into a pumpkin!

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deb said...

Hey, yesterday was my third day on the new job too! Just getting everyone's name right was nice.