Jun 9, 2005

I like where I'm at thanks...

I've been thinking a lot this week about Gabrielle's regrets question. Sonji posted some excellent wisdom today. I think I could easily become a Sonji groupie. Here's the part that really struck me: Everything works out the way it is supposed to , maybe just not the way that YOU want it to.

I've had some fairly ugly tussles with regrets this spring as I was searching for a new job and not finding one and feeling yucky about being almost 35 and working in a dead-end job. My life has not followed the path I had all planned out when I was in high school. But every time regret and I had a wrasslin' match, I ended up with the same thought: despite the yuck job, I wouldn't want to change where I'm at right now. I love living in my lovely blue house with my excellent husband and my superfantastic teenager and my funny gigantic cat. It wasn't what I planned, but so what? It's good.

So yeah, maybe somewhere in an alternate universe, there's a Nikki who made different choices and she's happily wandering the earth right now. But the poor thing missed seeing the amazing glow of joy on AshLee's face after she won the 400 at state a few weeks ago. I wouldn't change ANYTHING if it meant I had to give up seeing that awesome sight. Get thee behind me, regrets! Everything has worked out the way it was supposed to.


Gerrie said...

Love what you said! My sentiments, exactly!

Valeri said...

Yep I agree. And sometimes one is just taking a detour and it all comes right later! I like to think so anyway as I've done more later than earlier!