Jun 21, 2005

Big Brown Scary Cloud

I went out to mom and dad's after work tonight for help with Sissy's dress. We had dinner and made a game plan for the dress. While we were working on the dress, a big scary windstorm blew through. I didn't pay much attention because big scary windstorms aren't scary when I'm in the house. The car, however, is another matter entirely.

When I drove home, there was a big brown scary cloud covering EVERYTHING to my left. To my right, there was blue sky. It was windy in the middle where I was driving, but not too bad. Then I hit the exit off the freeway for the five mile drive in to Cheney. And that's when I had to drive into the big brown scary cloud. There are lots of pine trees along the road and they were all bent over sideways in the wind. Of course, the wind was blowing from my right, pushing me toward the oncoming traffic. Being in the middle of a big brown scary cloud, visibility was naturally limited. It was raining, but it was dusty at the same time, so it was raining mud. The windshield wipers were just smearing the mud around. There were big lightning flashes right above me. And did the lightning have to strike EVERY time I drove under power lines? And who the heck put all those power lines across that road?!? I couldn't hear the thunder because I had the radio turned WAY up. I was singing along with the top 8 at 8 (this week's hits from 1982!) to keep myself from freaking out. AND THEN THE RADIO WENT OUT!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Did I mention it's only a five mile drive? As I drove into Cheney, the sky cleared up. And the radio came back on.


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Ooooh, how scary! Glad you're okay!

ginger said...

this happened to us on sunday!! even my Mom called to say " see that cloud !! "