Sep 5, 2006

Imagination Unleashed opening

We had a really great opening for Imagination Unleashed - Art Quilts from the Inland Empire at the Kress Gallery on Friday evening. The downtown Spokane galleries have their openings on the first Friday of the month and there's usually a big preview in the Spokesman Review the Thursday before. Our show was the featured show for the First Friday preview in the newspaper! Tons of people came through, I don't know how many, but the room was always comfortably full. The gallery director told our group it was the most people they had ever had for an opening!

I was tired and excited and failed to take pictures of all the lovely people, but here are a couple of pictures of some of the quilts.

Here's me with my quilt, Summer, looking like I have a sinus infection. Yep, all that fun and running around in August finally took its toll on me:

Here is Road to the Zyder Zee by Lorraine Gilliland:

This is Interference #2, a wonderfully surface designed piece by Debra Lamm. Debra lives just outside Cheney and was the instructor for the shibori class I took back at the beginning of August. That I still need to post pictures from. Debra is taking a City and Guilds course and I'm hoping to get to see more of her surface design work soon.

This is Marble Manifesto by Kristine Calney. Because I'm still thinking a lot about circles.

Sunday, on the ride home from yet another trip to Seattle, in somewhat of a delirious haze from the sinus infection, I came up with two new quilt ideas. Neither one features circles, but they both feature the type of scrappy pieced strips background I did in the Summer quilt. Hmmm.


Quilty Nurse said...

Hi there. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt. I really love it. And congratulations on the success of the gallery opening.

Deb H said...

Congratulations on your show. I had a terrible bronchitis with my museum opening. It prompted me to invent a new quilted purse, of which I've made many & taught classes on, & am writing a book about now. Who would've thought a bad cold could've led to so much!

Karoda said...

it looks like it was a great show to be in and to attend. and the fabrics in the above post I like too...I have some shibori pieces I did this summer and I'm challenged to use them because the designs are so distinct and dominant.