Sep 14, 2006

Shibori class

Way back at the beginning of August, right at the beginning of this stretch of being way too busy, I took a Shibori class from Debra Lamm. Here's a shot of some of our pieces drying on the line outside Debra's garage.

Here's a pole-wrapped piece, dumped in fuschia dye:

This one is a stitch-resist:

Here's one that was clamped with a circle template. Debra and her husband are developing a line of templates to sell for this type of dyeing. I'll post a link once they get their website up and running. I'm really intrigued by the possibilities of this technique.

Near the end of the day Debra said "Ok, feel free to do a couple more pieces in whatever technique you like." It's always the stuff I do on the spur of the moment without much of a plan that I end up liking the best. I did a bit of pleating on this black piece, then clamped it with my plastic clothespins and threw it in the discharge bucket. I love the result:

Overall, I liked the clamping techniques best. I can see a lot of possibilities for combining surface design with hand embroidery with these pieces. When I get completely healthy and have a minute to sew again.


Gerrie said...

Love these. My favorite technique is the pole wrappinng.

solje said...

The pole-wrapped fabric is my favorite! You are making me want to dye... and I CANT start a new obsession! Maybe just taking a class or two would be ok :-)

Caitlin said...

yum, shibori! That discharge piece almost looks like fragments of text to me. Have fun with it!

Julie said...

I got to see these fabrics in person in August at Nikki's house. They are even more awesome than the pics! I am fascinated by the discharge technique.