Sep 26, 2006

conversation at the art store

I had some time to kill before picking Dave up from work yesterday so I popped in to Spokane Art Supply and picked up 2 tubes of oil paint and a small tin of Prismacolor pencils. And then I had a conversation with the art store cashier guy that put a smile on my face:

Art Store Guy (ASG): you work in oils or in colored pencil?
Me: Oh, neither, I work in fabric.
ASG: Fabric, really? So what are the oils for?
Me: Paper plate know, with lazer copies? It's a great way to put text and images on fabric.
ASG: Really? It works on fabric?
Me: Yeah. And the Prismacolor pencils are great for shading, they blend so well. They work on fabric too.
ASG: Really? On fabric? So do you do a small picture on fabric and use it as a mock-up?
Me: Oh no, I just do surface design to create my own fabrics and then I make art quilts with them.
ASG: Oh.
Me: Yeah, I have a piece at the Kress right now, although that piece is all commercial fabrics, not surface design...
ASG: Oh. Really? Wow!
Me: (as he hands me my bag of stuff) Yeah, anyway, thanks!
ASG: Thank you, have a nice day...

Hee hee. Still giggling about that one...

In other news, I've been sick sick sick and not much is getting done around here. I'm starting to feel better, it's like emerging from a fog. I finally started stitching again this last weekend, just finishing up some postcards I started ages ago. Anything to break up the inertia of not sewing.


Anonymous said...

what is paper plate lithography? I've browsed the printmaking forums at (in my next life there will be time to study printmaking), so lithography is a word I recognize. Can you share more?

Karoda said...

i have the same question as mandi. i hope you find relief soon with the sinus infection.