Aug 24, 2006

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Whew! Despite the usual last-minute obstacles (ran out of lint roller tape, ran out of printer ink, had to stuff timtex in the top to make those uneven edges stand up straight, etc.), the Summer quilt is finished and out the door.

What's the big hurry? That's the exciting part! Back in June, Anna Turner of Sew Uniquely You asked me to make a quilt for a show she's curating at Kress Gallery in Riverpark Square, the fancy mall in downtown Spokane, during the month of September. The conversation went something like this:

Anna: Are you going to make me a quilt for the Kress?
Nikki: Ummm, sure. When does it have to be done?
Anna: Oh...August.
Nikki: Yikes. How big does it have to be?
Anna: least 30" by 30"
Nikki: Aaannnaaaa! Oh man. OK. I'll try.

Obviously way bigger and way faster than anything I've accomplished for quite some time. But what an incentive!

So, the exhibit is Imagination Unleashed - Art Quilts from the Inland Empire and it's at the Kress Gallery for the entire month of September. There's also a one day exhibit on Sept. 16 of additional quilts in the main atrium of the mall and two other dates with quilting demonstrations and book signings by local quilt authors.


jeannie said...

Hi Nikki,
Congratulations! I will be in Spokane later this month and I am looking forward to seeing the exhibit. Isn't that a great fabric store!
Jeannie in the Tri-Cities

Gerrie said...

these are wonderful quilts. Congratulations on the show.