Aug 19, 2006

Road trip!

Hey, how the heck did it get to be the 19th of August?!?! Holey buckets, things have been crazy around here and I'm running at least a week behind on more than just my blog. But some things are better late than never - like photos of awesome quilts!

Last weekend I took a bit of a road trip to Seattle with my longtime quilt-and-track-mom buddy Julie and my new friend Tamra. Here we are at our destination, the biannual Pacific Northwest Quiltfest:

Here I am with fellow Artful Quilters bloggers Melissa from Bothell and Gerrie and Terry from Portland. Melissa, Gerrie and Terry have been much more timely than I have in posting about the show and there are a lot more great photos from the show on their blogs.

I found this quilt to be completely amazing, mostly because I can't imagine accomplishing something like it. It's wholecloth. All of the design and coloring is done with threadwork. Amazing.

Here's a detail shot:

I've developed a bit of a circle thing in my red/green quilt and I found myself endlessly fascinated with quilts featuring circles. Like this:

And this:


Gerrie said...

It is always fun to see another perspective on the show. I never get tired of looking at those beautiful quilts. It was good to meet the adoraboe Mikkii - you are so cute- and Melissa. that is a pretty good photo of us.

Deb H said...

I loved that whole cloth salmon quilt too. The quilting & threadplay are my favorite part of the process.It was a great show. I saw Terrie's 2 quilts there. I had a quilt & a bowwl over in the other building, for the auction. I never bothered to even try & enter anything this year. Just no time.
I wish I'd have seen you girls there. I would've introduced myself.

solje said...

more pictures that I didn't take! It's very cool to see what different quilts people felt compelled to take pictures of. Did you happen to get a picture of that Rest Stop, or Rest Room quilt that was in the Spice of Life Challenge?

Love the pics, Nik!