Aug 15, 2006

wrestling the beast

OK, whose silly idea was it to leave the top and bottom edges of the red/green quilt all different lengths and face them? Sheesh, what a pain in the butt! I'm not quite halfway through wrestling this thing in 40 different directions every inch and a half to sew around all those edges. This had better look cool when I finish! Ro esle! (Or else! for those who didn't grow up with backwards-speaking dads...)

Pictures in a few days.

Also, I took a fabulous trip to Seattle this last weekend for Pacific Northwest Quiltfest. I'll have pics from the show and pics from the Shibori class I took in the middle of the camping weekend coming soon.

1 comment:

Karen Querna said...

hi nikki
found your picture in another blog at APNQ- my blog has some my quilts. Can't wait to see your red/green quilt complete! Have a special weekend!
Karen Q
see you at anna's