May 7, 2006

Not much going on around here...

There hasn't been any sewing this week. There really hasn't been anything creative happening this week. Here's what there has been this week: lots of sleeping, lots of reading, lots of juice drinking and pill taking. I am sick sick sick with an ugly sinus infection. I haven't even WANTED to do anything other than lounge in bed and read a book. Or sleep. Ugh.

At least I've managed to consume a few good books. Besides the usual fluff like How to Marry a Duke (yes, this is a real title of a real book I read this week) there have been some little gems like The Village Bride of Beverly Hills by Kavita Daswani. Sort of chick-lit with an Indian arranged marriage/culture shock twist. It was sweet and funny. I also read For Matrimonial Purposes by the same author but didn't like it nearly as much. Which brings me to Barbara Kingsolver. I read Prodigal Summer last year and really liked it, so then I tried to read The Poisonwood Bible and hated it and didn't even finish it. Two weeks ago I decided to try The Bean Trees and I LOVED it. I stopped reading it except in little tiny bits because I didn't want it to end. Usually when I like something by a particular author, it's a good bet I'll like the rest of their stuff. So I'm a bit puzzled by my reactions to Daswani and Kingsolver.

I finally read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd which I thought was quite nice. Also tried an Elizabeth Peters book from the Amelia Peabody series and liked it.

Last week was more interesting. Here's me with my Carload O' Plants from the annual Liberty Park plant-buying frenzy with mom. This year we power shopped - no dithering about what to get and how many - if it looked good, it went in the wagon. Now I have to plant all this stuff...

And here's a little postcard I made as a birthday gift for Sarah, one of the law clerks in my new office. Fun with markers and alphabet stamps! I finished the edges by hand with an overcast stitch using embroidery floss. I love the look of this kind of finish, but man, it takes forever to do.

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Dianna in Maui said...

Did you take your books from my night table? Sounds like we have similar taste. I loved The Bean Trees, too, but couldn't get into any other of BKs books. Have you read "The Art of Mending" by Elizabeth Berg. It's a good one too. Get well soon.