Apr 3, 2006

Some interesting things going on here...

These are the results of the final exercise from the Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer workshop I took yesterday. It was a design workshop, working with line, so these are just exercises, getting us to think about how we use line in our quilts. So many interesting ways of using line, yes? The workshop was excellent and Jeannette was delightful, offering a lot of insight and critique and provocative questions. She gave me a lot to think about and I know it will take a couple of days to process it.

Saturday's quilt show was wonderful, there was such a wide range of interesting contemporary work and lots of debate going on over the merits of different pieces. Jeannette Meyer was the quilt show judge and she was available all day to discuss the work. I loved having the opportunity to discuss my pieces with a professional. Again more things to think about and process.

Lots of other interesting things going on around here right now too. I start a new job today and Dave gets to start working with a new president at EWU. I'm still at the Court of Appeals, but today I leave the clerk's office and start working for one of the judges. I think this job will be a great fit for me and I'm really excited about it. Also, Dave was appointed to the Cheney Planning Commission and will start that next week. The one thing he really misses from his days as editor of the town newspaper is being involved in city business, so I think he's looking forward to having an active role again.

And just in case that wasn't enough excitement for one week, AshLee has her official campus visit with the EWU track program today and tomorrow!


Rayna said...

Jeanette's work is wonoderful - lucky you, to work with her. Love those black & white lines and look forward to seeing them morph into something special (even though they were just exercises).

Karoda said...

the pink wall seems like it was just waiting for those b/w blocks!

Have fun at the new job!