Apr 17, 2006


Don't be fooled by the appearance of sunshine...it was REALLY COLD when I took this picture. I found most of these little buckets and baskets at the dollar store. Soon I'll get busy with the drill and turn them into flower pots. If it ever gets warm enough to plant flowers, that is. Most everything in the garden is leafing out and a few brave little pansies have bloomed, but it's been too cold and wet and gloomy to do much out there. So I dug my all my bright little buckets out and put them on the porch to cheer myself up. Must. Have. Color.

Speaking of cold, it SNOWED Saturday at AshLee's track meet. Big huge snowflakes. It was completely inappropriate. Dave and I joke about sitting at track meets for 4 hours to watch Ash run for 3 minutes but it was no joke Saturday as we spent most of that 4+ hours in the car trying to stay warm and dry and only jumped out when her races were about to start.

Not much sewing going on here. My thumb is sore from gardening during the approximately 2 hours of halfway decent weather we had last week. And my checkerboard pieces had technical difficulties. And I'm still fretting a bit with what-to-do-next-itis. I can feel myself slipping into that pining for the elusive Best Quilt Ever. The thing where everything I'm working on has lost its attraction but I can't figure out what to do instead. Ugh.

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