Jan 13, 2006

We hateses it!

Here it is, the dreaded "my computer's not working" post. I hate these posts...they make my eyes glaze over. The boring part is: the video card blew up, we needed a new computer anyway, we bought a new computer, I'm posting this on the old computer with a really old video card that sucks rocks, in a minute I have to stop so Dave can set up the new computer. I really miss reading blogs. Waaaaahhh!

Here's the more interesting part: We looked at new computers Tuesday night when we were in town celebrating Dave's birthday. Wednesday, Dave "didn't feel very bright and shiny" so he called in sick to work. When I called to check in on him at the end of the day he said "the computer died". Oh really? That's VERY interesting isn't it?

OK, boring computer death post over. New computer and more blogging tomorrow.

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