Jan 16, 2006

4 way MeMe

Hmm, well, new computer is set up, but it seems to have some issues so things are still not hunky-dory in Nikki's Computer World. I'm liking this keyboard though...

Anyway, way back before we started having computer issues, I tagged myself for this meme (MeMe) over at Sarah's blog. I found it really difficult to limit myself to four movies, albums and foods...

Four jobs you’ve had:
Pizza Maker
Baseball Card Store Clerk
Campus Safety Escort
Appeals Court Case Manager

Four movies you could watch over and over:
High Fidelity
Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version with Colin Firth)
The Fellowship of the Ring

Four places you’ve lived:
Harrington, WA (pop. 424)
Melba, ID (pop. 532)
Davenport, WA (pop. 1735)
Cheney, WA (pop. 10,000)
I lived in Seattle for 7 years too...and I really liked it...but I definitely have small town in my blood...

Four tv shows you love to watch:
CSI (the Las Vegas one)
Project Runway

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
Pasadena for the Rose Bowl
Miami for the Orange Bowl
Honolulu for the now-defunct Aloha Bowl
Alexandria/Richmond, VA for my honeymoon

Four websites you visit every day:
I cycle all the way through the Artful Quilters Ring every week or two, so I read at least 4 Artful Quilter’s blogs each day. Except when the stoopid computer doesn't work. Grrrr.

Four of your favorite foods:
Fresh crusty bread with butter (I've noticed a lot of people said this, is it some weird quilter fetish?)
Smoky barbecued meats
Chicken in peanut sauce

Four places you’d rather be:
At a cabin at the lake in the summer (there’s dozens of lakes around here, any of them would do)
At a beach cottage on the Oregon or Washington coast
At home puttering around the house and garden
New Zealand

Four albums you can’t live without:
Can’t I just keep my iPod? (whine!)
Ok, there are dozens and it changes all the time, but here’s a random 4:
Greenday: American Idiot
The Police: Synchronicity
Alison Krauss and Union Station: New Favorite
Al Green: Al Green’s Greatest Hits

Four people you’ll pass this on to:
Since I tagged myself, I'll pass on the same option. If you want to do this one (it's easy!) let me know and I'll tag you.

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