Jan 29, 2006

Look, a series!

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LOL, not really, but I've been having a lot of fun with this little flower shape and the funky checkerboard this week. The one on the right is working on becoming the pocket for a lanyard for my iPod. I'm not completely sure how this happened because I had every intention of making a pretty pastel pink and yellow lanyard pocket.

After I cut out the first lime flower, I was really happy with the leftover shape and thus the experiment on the left. This one will most likely become a postcard.


gerrie said...

Oh, I like these. Isn't exciting to see what you can do with two simmple shapes and two colors?

The Idaho Beauty said...

I like these too, particularly the one on the left. Something very right about the wavy nine patch and the flower shapes. And the purple and lime is a fabulous combination.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Rats! Not nine patch, of course, but your six patch checkerboard. (Very late when I posted last night.) A nine patch of this would not look as good. Too predictable, too trite?