Jan 2, 2006

It takes a 4 day weekend

for me to get serious about quilting. But the good news is, I spent more time today in the sewing room but not at the computer than I have in a long time. I can only hope that now I'm in the swing of things and can duplicate this effort without 3 days off beforehand to relax and gear up.

Dave and I took Friday off to hang out with AshLee. It was a lazy loungy restful day for all of us. I made a rule that Ash had to get a good start on her personal statement for her college application before we could go shopping, so it was 2:30ish before we headed to town. We had a bit of shopping, then an open house at my new boss' new place, then a bit more shopping and an eventful drive home as a drunk driver flipped his car (as in up in the air spinning like Nascar) in front of us and we had to give a statement to the police. Fortunately for his idiot-ass he didn't hit anyone and he didn't get hurt.

So, that was enough excitement to make us want to stay home for the rest of the weekend, yes?

Saturday I did the grocery shopping (the grocery store is only 2 minutes from home) and cooked a pile of food. Monte Cristo sandwiches for lunch, enchiladas for dinner, brownies for snacks. I did a bit of hand stitching while watching the Huskies lose a barnburner to Arizona and a bit more during the ritual CSI dvd watching.

By Sunday I was ready to get serious about sewing, but still feeling a bit lazy. I finished cutting out the baby quilts for Eric and Krista and got started sewing them, but had to take a long break in the middle to catch up on the current Project Runway. I will limit myself to saying that Santino's lingerie collection was an abomination, but he sure makes a good villain. Also that Daniel F. seems a bit flaky, but I hope he finds success because I'd love to wear his clothes.

Today I got up and was ready to actually concentrate in the sewing room. Hooray! The first baby quilt is 3/5 pieced, the still life and fabric for the next exercises in Color and Composition are ready and, best of all, the pitcher for my blue still life is prepped for embellishment. I decided to quilt the pitcher as a separate piece and then sew it down to the background. To get it ready for the handwork, I had to press under all the edges (ugh!), tear out the freezer paper (ugh!), layer it with stabilizer and batting and quilt it. More concentration required than I've been able to muster since the day I took off last fall to draw and piece the darn thing!

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of something, lest this blog get too wordy. Now it's time to make banana bread and watch the Huskies beat up on the Cornells.

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