Jul 9, 2010

creating a home

Yikes, apologies in advance for the crummy pictures - the iphone camera doesn't like bad lighting!

Yes, I'm moving and I'm still putting things on the walls in the current place. I have an intense need to "see what it will look like". LOL! I bought some chipboard letters that are about a foot high and covered them with a patchwork of pretty scrapbook papers. Then I randomly brayered them with gesso to shabby them up a bit.

I finally got the keys to the new house yesterday, so I took the cat and a load of stuff over last night. Pistol was kinda freaked out, but he liked the back yard. I made this little altar of blessings on the mantle to start things off on the right note.

And I taped an impromptu welcome up in the hall.

And yeah, I totally tagged my house! This is in a corner of my studio space, the beginning of what will become my graffiti wall. It's my house, I can write on the walls if I want to!

1 comment:

The Idaho Beauty said...

Fabulous - love the altar of blessings idea as well as the graffiti wall!