Jul 31, 2010

Art Journal LOVE

I'm indulging in some delicious art journal LOVE with the excellent Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio.
Check out her 30 Journals 30 Days project!
Here's my contribution for the 31st day:

  • How long have you been Art Journaling?

I started art journaling after my first trip to ArtFest 2.5 years ago. It seemed like EVERYONE had journals at ArtFest and they were all so AMAZING! I wanted to get in on the fun.

  • How has Art Journaling impacted, changed, or enhanced your life?
Art journaling has really freed me up creatively. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and a lot of a procrastinator. With art journaling, all the things that were holding me back just don't exist. My journal is a place where I'm just goofing off so it doesn't matter if I mess up or hate a page. That freedom to experiment and play is contagious and spills over into my other artwork.

My art journal is also my ambassador in my regular, everyday world. I carry it everywhere and show it to anyone who's interested. It explains the art that I make and my creative nature much better than words ever could.

  • What are a few of your favorite Art Journaling materials?
Cheap acrylic paints, my brayer, mod podge, chisel and brush tip pens, sharpie poster paint pens

  • Who are some of your favorite Art Journalers?
Pam Garrison, Judy Wise, Teesha Moore

  • What kind words of encouragement would you say to an Art Journal newbie?
You can do whatever you want in your journal! And there are no mistakes!

  • Where can we contact you...give us some link LOVE!!
  • Short Bio.
I am a mixed media artist in LOVE with color, texture, words, sunshine, flowers, books, fabric, embroidery, embellishment, raspberries, my cat Pistol, art journaling, creating, cool grass between my toes, tank tops, pizza and tons of other things.


ABC said...

ohhhh i especially love this "
My art journal is also my ambassador in my regular, everyday world."
that is so fantastic.

ABCcreativity said...

ohhhh i especially love this "
My art journal is also my ambassador in my regular, everyday world."
that is so fantastic.
(oops, didn't finish signing in that last time...)

Linda Moran said...

I really need to start exploring art journals! Thanks for some great pics!

Beverley Baird said...

Love your journal pages - especially the play on Merry - Mary! How effective!

Kerri said...

i would love to take a class on art journaling- online or otherwise. i'm in dallas. i've looked but don't think there's anything here...suggestions??!!

Nikki said...

I just emailed the following list of my favorite resources to Kerri and thought I'd share it here as well:

I'm taking a really great online workshop at the moment called Art Journal Love Letters. Go here: http://www.dirtyfootprintsworkshops.com/ and scroll down to the bottom. Connie is super nice and has great ideas.

If you google "Teesha Moore" and go to her blog, she has a series of free videos where she works in her journal and explains her process. Teesha runs the ArtFest retreat in Port Townsend, WA (you should totally go!) and she is an art journaling goddess.

There are also lots of tutorials on youtube. Just type in art journaling.

Finally, Stampington (www.stampington.com) puts out an awesome magazine called Art Journaling. I can usually find it at Barnes and Noble.

Hope these ideas help you get started. Art journaling is a wonderful journey!

Casey H. said...

umm...you are officially my favorite person.