Dec 8, 2007

Merry and Bright

So, as it turned out, I actually cleaned up a bit and put up the Christmas tree. Shocking. I haven't put up the tree since I've had Pistol (full disclosure: I've been pretty grinchy the past few years). But I decided since this is a Year of Change, I'll try to change my attitude about Christmas. Now we just have to wait and see about Pistol's attitude.

So far he's just watched. And then he got bored and passed out on the clean laundry pile. But I've added lots of shiny toys while he's been sleeping...

This is really a win-win for me. I'll either have the pretty tree to enjoy or I'll have a good story of kitten hijinks to tell. Maybe both?

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Jill Smith said...

I went the other way at Christmas and had no tree just cards about but l felt better as my husband died not far from christmas in 2002 and now on my own at that time but this took it out my mind and kept thinking its only two days and it was soon over. But had a little party sunday before for my grandkids and did a christmas picnic inside and that day was christmas for me,
ps. have a look at my blog and in sidebar there is a picture of my
ten year old cat who l rescued.