Dec 8, 2007


Look at this gorgeous scarf! My excellent friend Shadan made it and wore it on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, mom and I drove out to the home of Elise Bozzo (hope I spelled that right!). Elise is a doll artist who has been crafting and collecting for years and years. She has 9 Christmas trees decorated with handmade ornaments. This is the Santa tree:

She also has angels, snowmen, Raggedy Anns, teddy bears and more. Elise's home is completely and beautifully decorated for the season and each piece has a story.

All this loveliness is inspiring me. Will I work on things in progress? Will I start something new? Will I clean the house so I can put up my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

Perhaps a bit of each...

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n-cubed said...

Hi Nikki,

I finally located your colorful blog (stating the obvious), and I love it! I admire your commitment to creativity and positivity (I made that last word up, but I'm a wordsmith and no one will challenge me…).

Keep up the good work! Hope to see you soon at SUY.

Nancy N.