Nov 19, 2006

How 'bout them apples?!

There is great joy in the Rey/Gamon household this weekend as our much-loved Washington Huskies football team beat their cross-state rivals, the WSU Cougars in the annual Apple Cup. Go Dawgs! Winning the Apple Cup can makes even a disappointing 5 win, 7 loss season not so bad. We hosted all the parents plus AshLee for the game and there was quite a bit of loud celebrating to go along with the yummy beef stew I made for our halftime dinner. Unfortunately, I was too busy pacing and yelling to take any pictures.

More yummy food tonight - steak and baked potatos are on the menu - Ash is home from the University of Idaho for a long weekend and she requested "real food - chunks of meat!"

A couple of folks asked about the small quilt I posted a couple of weeks ago. It started with this picture, taken in my aunt's yard back in October:

I printed the photo on ExtravOrganza and layered it over a commercial fabric that had script printed on it. The embroidery is done on a yellow handdye that I stamped with a diamond pattern to add a bit of texture. And Caity was right about the other commercial fabric - those Jennifer Sampou swirls that I wish I'd bought in every color.

I've spent most of today fiddling with my blog with not much visible effect. I switched over to beta and I figured out how to make a custom header. I played around quite a bit with updated templates, but I don't know enough HTML to figure out where to insert my custom header or my Artful Quilters blogring code into any of the fancy new templates. Anyone have any wisdom to share on that topic?

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