Sep 23, 2005

We love our magazines

At the beginning of the week Diane, our ringmom, asked what magazines we subscribe to. We do love magazines here in the Gamon/Rey's not just me! So here's the list, I'll let you guess who reads what:

Quilting Arts
Cloth Paper Scissors
Better Homes and Gardens
Rolling Stone
Teen People

Those are the subscriptions. I also buy Somerset Studio and sometimes Family Circle, BeadUnique, Expression, Artist's Sketchbook, Quilter's Newsletter or Belle Armoire.

Dave has to have every football preview magazine known to man. Those team rosters are very important for typing all the player's names in for each of the 300+ (?) teams on Xbox NCAA 2005. And this is a task that must be done.

And sometimes Ash picks up a random teenybopper magazine.

OK, so it's mostly me...

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