Sep 13, 2005

Just do it

I need to adopt this as my motto this week. Something, anything to break out of this slump of no sewing, no blogging, no cooking. The weather has taken a turn and I just want to hibernate and watch football, but it's getting a bit ridiculous. Yesterday I forced myself to do some hand sewing at lunch just to break the inertia of not sewing. Last night Dave, king of the bologna sandwich, said he wanted something halfway nutritious for dinner. Yikes.

There are ideas brewing, but I feel a strange paralysis about starting something new. I think I'm moving toward a change in my work, but I'm still missing a couple of pieces from the puzzle. I know I want to incorporate more hand stitching and use embroidery to build texture. I also know that I'm spending enough money on rubber stamps these days that my new obsession with stamping and surface design is here to stay. What I'm not sure of is how to integrate these two things. I did buy a new journal so I could start taking notes about things I like and about the ideas and themes that pop into my head. Now I just have to start writing in it. See notes on inertia above.

OK, I'm blogging, that's a good start for today. Further goals for today are: cook something for dinner, write something in the new journal, do some more embroidery at lunch. Now if I only had time for a nap before work...

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Deb R said...

That paralysis about starting something new thing happens to me a lot...not sure why. Very frustrating though! Hope you kick it soon.