Sep 26, 2005

All Hail! O Washington!

Dave and I took time before the football game on Saturday to wander across the campus of our alma mater, the University of Washington. Some folks think Husky grads are a bit snobby about our school, but really, 4 years in these spectacularly beautiful surroundings will do that to anyone. This is Rainier Vista. In the distance you can see Drumheller Fountain, otherwise known as Frosh Pond. On a clear day, if you turn the other direction, Mt. Rainier is perfectly framed in the middle of this long tree-lined avenue. Unfortunately the mountain was being shy on Saturday so I couldn't get a picture. This lawn is the site of many a spring quarter whiffleball game. It's also a photo stop on city bus tours so there are lots of folks in Japan who have pictures of Dave and company playing whiffleball. Posted by Picasa


annonymous said...

Fight, Fight, Fight for Washington State... Go Cougs :-)

Nikki said...

:-P This is me sticking my tongue out at you Melissa! Go Dawgs!