Feb 7, 2011

Getting my paint on

I love the work of Mati Rose McDonough and Lisa Congdon so when I found out they were teaching an online class together I signed up immediately.

This is what I painted for week one of Get Your Paint On. The inspiration was the Gees Bend quilts. I chose to focus on color and shape. This felt very different from what I usually do, but I love the whimsical feel and the graphic style. 11" x 14" acrylic on canvas

And now for something completely different...LOL! I actually painted both of these yesterday, moving back and forth during the background stages. I got totally absorbed in these and you know I love it when that happens! I'm also taking Misty Mawn's current online class, trying to figure out her soft dreamy painterly style. This wasn't a class assignment, just me playing around with this style. It's kinda crazy how different these are, but I really like both. I used to worry about how to integrate the different styles that I like or whether I should pick one in order to develop my "voice". I finally figured out that I could just make whatever I want to make and the rest will take care of itself. The important thing is to make stuff. Do the work. Except it should be called "Do the fun!" 11" x 14" acrylic on watercolor paper


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Kerri said...

no kidding, those are completely different! :) i thin that's really talented to be so diverse.

soraya nulliah said...

How are you liking the Get Your Paint on Class? I have heard about it! Sounds like fun! thanks for your kind comment on my blog the other day...yes...trying to develop my style. I think we all go through that from time to time...so we don't stagnate!
happy valentines!

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Niki-thank you sooo much for the journal tips. I have tried the paint pen you mentioned and it works well for a few days and then...plugs up!!! I don't think I tried the extra fine point one though.Will have to pick it up. Oh!! those books look amazing-I just put them on my Amazon wish list...thanx so much!!!