Sep 13, 2007

trying to find my rhythm

I've been a bit off kilter the past few weeks, just when I need to be establishing a new routine in my new home. The thing is, my routine is no longer completely dominated by stuff I have to do. There's more room for things I want to do (or at least there would be if I could ever get my stuff out of the old house). At the same time, I'm developing a pretty good idea of the way I want to live my life. So establishing the routine is a more mindful process this time around.

I want to include regular time for things like:

cooking good meals
listening to music
hanging out with friends
making stuff (art, quilts, etc)
blogging (and keeping up with blogs I like)

I'm trying to incorporate this stuff now...if I say I'll wait until I'm less busy, well, that day never comes. Even as the house stuff winds up, we are swinging into football season and many lovely weekends in Seattle, away from my routine.

Yesterday I listened to the latest episode of Alison Lee's Craftcast
The guest was Gabrielle Roth, a dancer/artist who spoke about the rhythms of life and how, if you can find your personal rhythm, you get into a flow where everything happens smoothly.

I can see the flow...I want to get there...but my rhythm is a little off. I feel like the awkward girl at the concert who's clapping half a beat off from the music. Off kilter. But getting closer.

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tkg said...

Just saw your link on ArtFest and thought I'd wander over to say hi. Nice to meet you! :)