Sep 23, 2007

Fun with clay

Hey look! I finally made something. Something really small...but pretty! Actually, I've been puttering around with several different makings, but mostly in fits and starts. I can't seem to settle down to finish any one thing. I'm honestly a little overwhelmed with ideas.

So today I played a bit with polymer clay. Love love love this book - Mixed Media Mosaics by Laurie Mika. She makes the clay jump up and dance. I want to make millions of little pendants and mosaics. Today I made two. Well, I made some more, but these two are my favorites. I still feel overwhelmed and least I made something cute.


solje said...

I think that we need to be next door neighbors Nik! That way I can get more enthused with the clay I bought to play with. Your's is great! I pull mine out of the drawer, look blankly at it and a book I bought, then put it back! LOL!

kathy said...

I just got this book in the mail today and can't wait to get started making tiles. I got psyched after I saw her interview in the indie arts dvd magazine. Like I need more 'stuff'!