Jun 28, 2007

painting for sanity

I had to take a break from the endless shoveling out of the house. I was mentally exhausted. I needed to make something. I longed for the feeling of being in the creative groove. So I gave myself a few days off and started slapping paint around. For inspiration, I loosely followed the 2-for-1 backgrounds technique in the article by Chrysti Hydeck in the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Except I painted one piece of fabric and one piece of paper instead of 2 papers. The fabric is the top photo. It was a good exploration of how different mediums behave on different surfaces. OK, mostly it was just a lot of fun. I think these 2 are done for now. Ready to line up some more fresh white and start again.

1 comment:

Deb H said...

They're pretty Nikki. I haven't seen the article, is she layering 2 pieces & painting 2 for 1 by bleeding through? That's what I do when I'm painting my silk chiffon for layering, then paint cotton underneath, to keep from wasting a lot of paint.