Dec 3, 2006

OK, so it hasn't been all trashy novel-reading

Here's the little postcard-size piece I made today. It's collaged and painted paper, cut up and sewn onto a felt backing. I love the look of the collaged/painted paper and haven't been successful in translating that look to fabric. So today I finally decided to just sew the paper. It was surprisingly soft and pliable once I fused it onto the felt. I will definitely do more of this!


solje said...

Nik, you must be creating from my thoughts! we all know my creations haven't been actually happening lately, but this looks like something I've been planning out in my mind. I want to do a journal cover, and this is what I have been thinking of. I love how it turned out.

I love your photos under this post too! spider webs always make neat pictures when weather happens.

I've missed chatting with you, I need to email you soon! :-)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Now you're thinking like an art quilter! I'm slowly trying to change my own mindset that everything has to be fabric (and sandwiched with batting). As some would say, paper is sort of fabric too - being made of cotton fibers sometimes. So sew away on it! This turned out beautifully - perhaps even better than an all cloth version.