Dec 12, 2006

Holiday Colors

This is my current favorite holiday color combination. Love the cream and the soft pink and maybe a touch of gold. If I were going to decorate, I might use these colors. Instead I'm just making these little cards and ornaments. Yesterday someone at work asked if the ornament was a Christmas cookie. Sorta looks like it, yes?

This combo is running a close second. I had to run out to Ben Franklin to buy these after an idea for a little Christmas-y quilt popped into my head. A quilt I have no intention of even trying to finish before Christmas, so don't even ask. A fun little quilt that I will work on in January because it's fun and the colors make me happy.

Here's another possibility that's intriguing. Wouldn't a mix of these colors make a pretty pile of packages? (as well as some nice alliteration?)

1 comment:

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Yummalicious Colours, N! They're the sort of colours I love using for our Summer Christmas - snowy pastels just look washed out over here.