Jul 7, 2006

wip friday

WIP (work in progress) Friday is an idea I'm borrowing from one of my favorite crafty blogs: hop skip jump.

So here's my WIP, a bit of green background. I love how a quilt looks when I start sewing it together. It's one of my favorite parts - that little thrill of "gosh, this really does look cool!"

This room sorta qualifies as a WIP also, as I'm still cleaning up random corners and slowly moving stuff back in here after the big painting project. I really love the color - the room is so much brighter and just has a happy energy now. Here's a shot of the painting/stamping/etc. table with new shelves:

And here's the cutting/ironing table with the newly white bookcase next to it. Look at all that happy-to-be-free fabric!

And finally, since my week just wouldn't be complete without posting a photo of my silly cat, here's Mr. Must-Jump-Into-Anything-Vaguely-Boxlike himself, checking out the ugly peach and green color scheme Miss Nikki thought was cool 15 years ago. No wonder this bookcase has been sitting in the garage...


Gerrie said...

Oh, you are making me feel lazy. Must leave the computer and get to work.

Carolyn said...

ohmygod, I LOVE the color of your walls (and quilt). I must be in a green mood these days. Nice blog, been lurking for a while.