Jul 9, 2006

Rodeo Days

It's Rodeo Days, Cheney's own little slice of small-town americana. We're not too big into rodeo, but we like to go to the parade. Here it is in a snapshot:

Rodeo Queens are one of my favorite features of the parade. Here's Cheney's Rodeo Queen Kahla.

We also get a fair dose of local politicians. Here's our mayor, embracing the farming community aesthetic.

Not many small communities do parade floats anymore, but here's one from Davenport, a town about 35 miles from here. Also known as the town where I grew up.

These ladies from Benton County were my favorite Rodeo Queens. I was so impressed with how classy and elegant they looked while still adhering to Rodeo Queen conventions.

This fine John Deere tractor was a trophy-winning entry but they never announced which category it won.

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