Jun 7, 2006


See, I told you there was quilting content happening. This bit is an experiment, trying to figure out how the heck to sew these circle thingies. Believe it or not, I actually came up with this idea before I noticed the whole red and yellow thing going on with the begonias yesterday (see post below). The begonias just confirmed that I should go ahead with this plan. It actually started with the red and green. I noticed them tangled up together in a big mess of fabric I pulled out of the dryer last week and thought "wow! gotta do something with that!" Then I pulled out Quilter's Playtime by Dianne S. Hire to look at something else and noticed the lovely circle thingies on the cover and thought "oh, red and green."

Here's what I learned from making this prototype:

1. These suckers are big (ok, when the biggest thing you've made in forever is 20" x 22", it doesn't take much to be "big". I was trying to make a "small" one and it turned out over 9" across. But big is good because I'm supposed to make something that's at least 30" x 30").

2. It doesn't matter how smarty-pants you think you're being with measuring the angles, it still takes 30ish wedges to make a circle (26 in this small one). I guess that's why I'm a history major.

3. When you start sewing the wedges together, they really start to curve a lot more. Whew!

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