Jun 20, 2006

Snapshots from the weekend

I had a superbusy weekend, starting Friday when I took a day off to help Ash get ready for college. We opened a bank account for her (an absurdly difficult and time-consuming task these days) and then met Dave's parents and shopped 'til we dropped for dorm room accessories. We made a quick stop at Ben Franklin for thank you cards and I found these excellent stamps and this cute little box of buttons.

Saturday we had a track meet, a retirement party and dozens of errands, fortunately all in Cheney. I was literally stopped in my tracks on the way to the track meet by this little bird...he didn't move when I walked past him. He didn't move when I took his picture or even when I very gently prodded him with a stick. He wasn't visibly injured, he was alert, he wasn't even remotely scared of me or anyone else. He stayed in my driveway for NINE HOURS! I left the house and came back at least 5 times during the day and he was always there. I thought he must be sick and so I fretted about him all day. Fretting is one of my better skills. Finally at 9:00, a big robin landed across the street. My little bird perked up, sang a little song and flew! OK, he only got about waist high, only went about 20 feet and sorta landed on his belly, but he flew! And then he flew several more times and then the mom fed him some worms. And then we discovered his brother in the back yard! And then the mom took them both home and I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief.

Sunday we concluded AshLee Appreciation Month with a small get-together at our house. I restrained myself and only made this modest shrine. Later we put candles on the leftover cake and celebrated Father's Day and 3 June birthdays.

Here's the lovely young lady herself, sporting a Baby Gap hat she borrowed from 20-month-old guest Gavin.

OK, this photo isn't from the weekend, it's from Tuesday. But it features two of my favorite things! Now that track and graduation are over I have a few extra minutes to spend in the garden, playing with the cat, and/or sewing. Theoretically.

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Mandi aka Fabric Princess said...

ok, on the bird...do you have a bush of some sort that has berries (red?) on it now, or did have fresh berries not long ago? If so, then the bird may have had some, but they were old and fermented and the bird got drunk. No kidding. It happened to me. And a bird on my porch. I even pet it to be sure it was still breathing. And the bird expert told me this is true!!!! :O