Mar 13, 2006

Bad Blogger

I've been extremely tired and extremely distracted and I just realized I haven't blogged in over a week. And that's not the only thing that's fallen by the wayside. However, track season starts Saturday so it's time to get my butt back into some semblance of a normal routine or I'll be completely lost until June.

So. I had a wonderful time on my quilting retreat and I do have pictures to share, although they are mostly of the gorgeous stretch of Hell's Canyon (along the Snake River) where we stayed and not so much of quilting. I got the baby quilts quilted and I have less than one side of one binding to tack down and they will be finished. Yay! I also got Kiwi Laguna 90% quilted and need to focus on finishing that up this week since I have to turn it in next week for the quilt show.

Thanks for all the great comments on my self-portrait quilt process. I tried to send email thank you's but couldn't get a profile to come up for some people. The jungle leaves are pretty cool, yes? You'll be seeing more of those. My self-portrait has hair and eyeballs now so I'll post some more pics soon. Oh yeah, and what the heck was I thinking using wonder under when I'm going to have layers and layers of fabric and I want to do heavy embellishment?

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