Jun 17, 2012

Farm Chicks!

Hello blog, I've missed you! And I see that blogger has changed the posting interface to be really ugly and non-intuitive...because, ya know, I need less incentive to blog. Sheesh! It's not that I don't want to blog or that I don't have lots to blog about, it's that I never sit down at the computer anymore. Must find good blogging app for the iphone! (Suggestions welcome!) 

Anyway, if there's one thing that'll get me blogging, it's the awesomeness of the annual Farm Chicks show. This year was amazing, as usual. Here's some of what caught my eye: 

Serena always puts together a fun and funky entrance. The show is HUGE and this bright funky larger-than-life dress help to set the scale. 

I went to the show alone this year (mom wasn't feeling up to it) and at first I felt a little funny without my partner-in-crime. But I soon got lost in the visual overload. Every vendor (and there are over 200 of them) sets up their own beautiful little fantasyland.

There are lovely treasures everywhere you look.

And every detail is perfect. 

People even dress the part! 

Here's my loot! I've been pining for one of those locker baskets ever since I didn't buy one last year. And that packet of airmail letters just grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go. I don't think I'll even untie the string, they are so pretty just the way they are.

Thanks Farm Chicks for another wonderful adventure!


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nikki. Glad to see you're back! Fun post. I like the ideas of the letters too. Soon they will be memories of the past.
best, nadia

Jennifer Richardson said...

what a beautiful life
you live:)
thanks for sharing,