Jun 18, 2011

True beauty

This is me today. The real me, as I am. With the ten extra pounds and the wrinkles and the pimples on the same face. With the messy house, the weeds in the yard and that darn double chin. The girl who turned the wrong way this morning on the way to the hairdresser I've been going to since I was 16. And the truth is, none of that matters.

What matters is that today my sweet beautiful AshLee will marry her sweet beautiful Ben. And we will all gather together, her crazy hodgepodge of a family, to share our joy for them as they set out on the life they've chosen to share. We will come as we are, beautiful in our imperfection, transformed by our shared love for these two. And that is the most beautiful thing I can imagine.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Nothing wrong with crazy and hodgepodge! If we were all the same, life would be horribly boring. So much joy and love--félicitations! mabrouk! congratulations!
best, nadia

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh wow....SWOONING over the
magnificent, gorgeous LOVE
that is blooming here!!!
It lights you up
....altogether beautiful:)
Looking forward to coming back
here to
wallow in the beauty
that is you,