Dec 11, 2010


Here's a less-than-ideal photo of my latest painting. I forgot to scan it before I whisked it off to the handcrafted arts fair at work this week. I donated this and the little angel painting below to the silent auction. I've never really put my work out there for sale before, so it was exciting to see people bid on my paintings. And also a little weird to see them happily scoop up their winnings and take them home. I'm so used to having my work here in my home for me to enjoy. The person who bought this painting is sending it to his elderly mother in Denver who loves cardinals. Which makes me incredibly happy and a little bit in awe that someone so far away will have my work in her home to enjoy.


amanda jolley said...

Love it, Nikki. I'm a cardinal lover as well. Cardinals remind me of a dear grandmother figure in my life.
Merry Christmas!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Beautiful painting, Nikki!

Julie said...

I love the cardinal (and angel too!). It was awesome of you to donate them.