Jun 9, 2010

Excellent Seattle Weekend!

When I was a little kid, my dad used to take me to Mariners baseball games at the Kingdome. That's the story I told my dad as we walked in to Safeco Field Friday night, our first Mariner's game together in a long time. The Mariners lost, but we had fun anyway, remembering those old games and talking about how we don 't know very many of the current players.

Saturday we went to a sports memorabilia show, another thing we used to do back in the day. There were lots of cool things to see and yummy grilled burgers to eat for lunch. Dad found quite a few things to add to his collection and I found a couple of things as well. Yep, I collect sports memorabilia. Artist and sports freak: a rare combination.

In the afternoon I wandered up to Bothell for the Eastside Miniatures Show. My Artfest buddy Lisa was there lecturing and selling copies of Mixed Media Dollhouses. Lisa is a major contributor to the book, written by my Artfest buddy Tally

After the shows, we headed to Golden Oldies, an awesome record (yes, vinyl!) shop. The neighborhood featured some cool graffiti. Love the doodly patterns on this one.

Here's Dad engaged in one of his favorite pastimes: searching for cool records. He found some good stuff and I did too.

An excellent trip. The next day we hurried home so I could round out the weekend with a trip to the Farm Chicks show. Pics from that up next!

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