Apr 1, 2010

lots of making over here

Dirty Martini, 24" by 29"
Here's a quilt I whipped up with some fabric I hand-dyed and surface designed with stamps and Shiva Paintsticks. If you're in the area, you can see this quilt April 10-11 at the Imagination Unleashed 2010 show at the Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center, 405 William Street, Post Falls, ID. There's always interesting contemporary work at this show.

ArtFest!! Just got home from ArtFest and it was AMAZING as usual. Below is one of the pieces I made in Creative Doodling with Traci Bautista. I LOVED this class! I'm not a natural doodler, but I really fell into the zone with this - that completely awesome place where everything else falls away and I am totally focused on what I'm doing. Love, love, love!

This is the piece I made in Lynne Perrella's Going for Baroque class. This piece is actually pretty big - 18" by 35". This class was really fun too, although I worked like a demon to cover that huge canvas with layers and layers of pattern and texture in a short 6 hours.


celeste said...

love the lynn perrella piece...your take so different than the others I saw.
great to see you!!
hope to see you on one of our retreats soon.

Jen of {Spring Lane Designs} said...

Love the doodling piece! I am saving up to attend ArtFest next year! I can't wait!!!