Oct 28, 2007

You can't always get what you want...

but it sure is nice when you get cookies! Especially yummy spiderweb and pumpkin and ghost and BLACK CAT cookies!

I was having such a good day yesterday. I got some work done at the house in Cheney, I had a nice lunch with my friend Shadan at Chili's, I found this book:

I got two pieces of mail: the new issue of Gourmet magazine and a package from Aunt Susie full of the excellent Halloween cookies pictured above and a pair of black cat socks. And when I got in the car after lunch, Jake Locker immediately threw a 99-yard touchdown pass.

Good things were happening. It was a GOOD day. I just knew my Huskies were finally going to win a Pac-10 game. But no. I was wrong. Once again, a loss at the very end. Drat!

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Jenn said...

You know, you received your box before I got mine. I just happened to be visiting your blog when I saw the cookies, and then I saw "Aunt Susie", and I knew that mine would be coming soon. Don't they taste great? I love cookies.