Jul 9, 2007

Hmm, blogger doesn't like titles these days. This little square is 5"x5". I've always been intrigued by the projects where artists make a small piece every day or every week. I've reached a point in my creative journey where I'm feeling the need to instill a bit of discipline in my working habits. I need to just do the work, do lots of it and quit being so precious about it. I tend to procrastinate because I want everything I make to be perfect. This is a really good way to not make anything and I need to get over it. So the idea is to make a little square every week or so, something small and simple that I can carry around and work on whenever I have a minute or two. And just go with the idea, make quick decisions and live with them, don't fuss and fret over it. So when something doesn't turn out like I want it to, like the beads in the center of the flower, just leave them and remember to not do it that way the next time. It was really hard to leave those beads there.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, good luck keeping this up. Everything you've said here is so true, so right. I've made some progress towards not "being so precious about it" - the journal quilting rules this year have helped - but old habits die hard and I easily slip back into the old thinking if I'm not careful. Classic freeze up happening a lot these days.

Yes, leave those "mistakes" in place for future reference, so you don't repeat history!

Gilli said...

I am so happy to hear I'm not the only one who gets "stuck" because of the fear of making something less than perfect. I too will try to make a small item, block, journal cover, coffee cup sleeve, experimental block etc... one a week. Thank you for the inspiration!

Candi Harris said...

GREAT advice! I will try to remember tht while taking Sharon's class. It seems to be my biggest problem! lol It'll be good taking the class with you.