Mar 6, 2007

Great Victories

Mighty Adventure Cat Stalks Dangerous Bumblebee. 21" by 20". 2007.

Whew! It REALLY hasn't been the greatest couple of months around here. It's actually been among the worst. So it feels like a major accomplishment to get this little quilt finished, sleeved, labeled, de-cat-haired, photographed and ready to deliver for the Imagination Unleashed contemporary quilt show in Spokane this Saturday. This sucker has about 457 French knots, most added in the last 3 days. (OK, I made up that number, but there's a LOT of French knots!) My poor little fingers are sore, but I think the results were worth it.


Auntie Susie said...

Nikki, You are just so talented and creative! I love Pistol in this quilt! Hope to see it up close.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Very cute! Is this the reason I haven't heard from you? I've sent two e-mails with no response yet. I plan to go to the show, be there around noon. Would love to hook up with you.

Talked with Anna and she sounds so enthusiastic. Looking forward to meeting her as well.


Julie said...

Nik, it looks awesome! I love the detail in this little piece and Pistol looks so mischevious!

Deb H said...

Very cute. Love your kitty, both the fabric & the furry ones!