Oct 14, 2006

Spokane Quilt Show

The big WSQ-Spokane quilt show is this weekend so I headed to the gigantic new convention center after work last night. I only had a couple of hours at the show and I have my priorities well in line, so naturally I headed straight for the vendors after a quick dinner with mom. There are over 500 quilts in the show and I saw only a fraction of them, but there were a few things I liked quite a bit in the art quilt category.

I'm really liking Kris Calney's work right now. She did the Marble Manifesto quilt in the Kress show that I have pictured below in my post about the opening of that show. And then last night there was this:

Improbable Conspiracy of Genetically Modified Organisms by Kris Calney

I also really liked these two by Lisa Calhoun:

Three Pink Flowers by Lisa Calhoun

The Blue Cup by Lisa Calhoun


The Idaho Beauty said...

Saw this was coming up but I'm still in the midst of unpacking, plus had company this weekend. We checked out a couple of art exhibits here in Sandpoint but no quilts or quilt art. Several people have given me names, though, so I know they are here. When I unbox my studio, maybe I'll have the nerve to actually contact one of them! Right now I feel NOT the artist since I've done nothing for nearly 2 months and have no working studio. Soon though, and then we'll have to meet!

Sheila - in Idaho at last...

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

Lisa Calhoun appears to make some amazing things. You are so lucky to have seen them in person. Thanks for sharing!