Jan 3, 2010

bag full o' pretty

Here's what I came home from Joann Fabric with yesterday. Well, not the cat, he just has to help with everything these days. I'm really feeling drawn to soft pretty colors lately: creams and whites and champagne, pinks and blues, and my current favorite, the Pantone color of the year, turquoise. I'm loving the work of Natalya Aikens and Ruth Rae and the yummy hand stitchiness of Jude Hill. Also definitely feeling the influence of my Artfest sister Jill. That girl makes everything pretty.

So yeah, we're enjoying a long, lazy New Year's weekend, thinking about how we want to live this next year. Pistol wants to make sure there are lots of naps.

We've been making soft pretty little collages. Pulling together little bits that speak to me and resolving them into something finished. Here's to more of that in 2010!